A Ballerina’s Story

My Life, My Story... Growing up, I was a high achieving perfectionist who always got the best grades and wouldn’t settle for anything less. I was raised to believe in God, however He was nothing more than a comforting concept for me. I began training as a ballerina from the age of 5 and when I began training full time at the age of 11 my desire for perfection and attention led me down a dangerous path...

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Lost & Miserable

I spent every day working full-time as a doctor and yet it was not enough to be a good person, to lead a meaningful career, and to help others. It wasn’t just because I was drowning in work. Let’s face it—As a doctor running two medical clinics with my husband, I had a lot of stress and responsibility. I tried to have work-life balance and to do activities I enjoyed. My family and friends were...

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Reconnecting to God

Disconnected to God, thoughts

While I was growing up, because my parents are Christians and my mother is especially devout, I was continuously educated about how God wants people to live and the principles of the Bible. Growing up, I was regularly brought to church activities, such as Sunday school, Sunday services, Friday fellowships, and Bible studies. I also attended an elementary Christian school. When I entered public high school, I still regularly participated in church activities. But as I made...

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A Gentile’s “Honest” Testimony

  Let me be completely, utterly honest with you. (Well, since this is the section where you should be nothing but honest...) I didn't like church. Nor its people. Nor anything to do with religion. At all. ... So that was kind of an overgeneralized statement, eh? (Or three?) But that's exactly how I felt when I was young. I grew up in a family where my mom became Christian after immigrating to Canada. Ever since then, she basically dragged...

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