Leading people to God’s love and purpose of Creation through a correct understanding of His Word and Lord Jesus, and to transform ourselves, families, nations, and the world by acting on that knowledge.



  • The Holy Trinity—the one and only God, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit—are the Absolute Divine Beings.
  • Only the Trinity are the Absolute Deities and only They can grant salvation.
  • By believing in and loving the Holy Trinity through Jesus Christ, we receive salvation.


  • The Word of God is the absolute authority and truth by which God governs all Creation.
  • Through putting the Word into practice, our lives become transformed as God works upon us.
  • A heavenly world is fulfilled when we love God in actions and in truth with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and when we love our neighbour as ourselves.


  • We believe that God came in the flesh through Jesus at the First Coming and that Jesus returns at the Second Coming, as prophesied in the Bible.
  • The Messiah works as God’s body, delivering His Word and bringing salvation to those who believe and live by the gospel.
  • Those who recognize the Lord Jesus, become reborn, and live a united life with the Savior will gain eternal salvation, rapture, and fulfill God’s Will of Creation.