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What is Your Purpose?

Say you were the inventor of a ballpoint pen.  Now imagine if people found your pen years later and didn’t have a clue what its purpose was.  So they started coming up with ideas of how to use it. Some people used it for digging, others for scratching, still others used it as a dart to play games.

As the creator of the item, you designed the ballpoint pen for the purpose of writing. Every detail you constructed, from the way the ink flows into the tip of the pen, to the way the ballpoint rolls to allow the ink to slowly mark the paper, to the shape, length and material of the pen, all came after you carefully considered and designed it.

The people who truly understand what the pen was originally created for will use it for its full purpose. They will gain benefit from knowing the original intentions of the creator and use the pen to its fullest potential in a satisfying way.

Now think of yourself.

We, as human beings, were created too.

Each organ, each body part, each cell, each subcellular structure was designed with a distinct purpose and function.  We were created with such perfect precision and harmony that we exist as complicated, adaptable, wondrous human beings with boundless potential. We have body parts that interact seamlessly with each other and we were given a body, soul and spirit for specific purposes. Through evolution and time, God has shaped and refined human beings. We are each unique masterpieces of our creator and hold so much potential.

However, some of us don’t even believe we have a creator.

Some of us have no idea what our purpose is. We go on construing ideas of why humans exist. And therefore, we never truly reach our fullest potential aligned with our creator’s intention.

“If you lose the purpose of existence as a human being or do not know about it correctly, your spirit, soul, and body are in a worthless place, used in a valueless way, and cannot exist where they were originally supposed to.

If people do not know the purpose of a car’s existence correctly, some would use it as a couch, some would use it for decoration, and some would use it as a house. Likewise, not knowing the purpose of existence would make you feel utterly empty, make your use worthless, and keep you from being able to acquire anything. ”  (Sermon delivered on Sep 28, 2016)


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