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Ruling Over Your Thoughts

Mental diseases arise from your THOUGHTS. Dozens of diseases like depression, dementia, and addiction; or negative feelings like insecurity, anxieties about the future, despair, and discouragement; all come from your thoughts.

No matter how much you enjoy the material luxuries of life, mental diseases can still make you suffer.

In nations that enjoy wealth, depression is still common. Therefore, wealth is not the only contributor to happiness. And external stressors are not the only cause for mental health disease.  In fact, some of the people facing the biggest hardships, are the most content people. The people who live in developing countries, who struggle for even the basic necessities of life, don’t necessarily feel depressed or complain about their lives. How do they come to such peace with their situation and achieve such satisfaction?


Since mental health issues come from your thoughts, these issues will only be overcome if you think correctly.

If you are unaware that these diseases arise from faulty thoughts, you can’t fix them.

That is why you must always check to see whether you are thinking well or not.

But by your thoughts alone, you cannot know whether you are thinking correctly or not.

That is why you must compare your thoughts to the thoughts of God, the Holy Spirit, the Holy Son, and the Saviour and see if your thoughts fit Theirs. Then you will know. You must check your thoughts by always praying to and asking the Holy Son.

If you pray and ask the Holy Trinity to give you wisdom of thoughts, They will surely answer your earnest request. As a result, your life will be changed.

If you rejoice while giving glory to God, depression symptoms can go away. If you do not abide by the Holy Trinity’s Word, depression can set in.

(Sermons delivered on Mar 24, 2017 and Apr 27, 2014)

If you fail to control your own thoughts, you will be prone to depression and anxiety.

Listen to the Word, and control the thoughts that drive you down the wrong path.


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