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The end is always important

The end is important because both victory and fate are determined at the end.

Do your best until the end, be faithful with all your heart, will, and life, and take action with the power of God and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The end must be beautiful and awesome. God rewards and repays you according to what you have done at the end.

God Almighty and the Holy Spirit always end things in a beautiful and awesome way. Everyone, realize this and take action until the end.

Matthew 24:13

but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.

1. God is the beginning and the end, and so He has been with us from the start of the year to the end.

2. The book of Revelation says, “Be faithful to the point of death.” If you are going to do something anyway, you should do it perfectly the first time. If you try, you can do everything.

3. God said that even when praying, you should put your heart and mind into it. If you pray weakly with your heart, mind, and thoughts, what you’ve prayed for cannot come to fruition in real life and it will just be stuck at an ordinary level. You need to really give your all when you pray. Then what you prayed for will come true in reality.

4. In order to achieve the Will of the Trinity, you must pour out all your heart and mind, and take action with all your heart, will, and life. If you do things poorly, you won’t be able to achieve things in reality.

5. The difference between those who have done well and those who have not is the difference between taking action with a strong heart, mind, and thoughts and taking action in an ordinary way. When God comes upon you, you will become strong, and you will take action boldly.

6. In terms of faith, you should work proactively and diligently, and you should ignite your heart, mind, and thoughts to take action. Then your faith will solidify and become like steel. Then you will have sufficient power to handle the mission God gave you until the end.

7. The end is so important. The end is what makes the entire process victorious. Each person has to shine their own light according to the talent they received from God. You need to shine the light of prayer, shine the light of the Word, and shine the light at the end. Then you will continue to propel forward next year with your engine switched on and running.

8. Even if your heart and thoughts are alive, if you stay still and do nothing, they will fall asleep and even end up in a vegetative state.

9. Only when you run and take action can you clearly feel the reality of it, and even if no one tells you anything, your life itself will become a sermon and a testimony, and you will live with clear conviction.

10. What you do at the end will determine whether you end this year in success or failure. Anyone who does their best at the end will finish with a victory. So be victorious.