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A Life United with God

Matthew 5:48
Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

Everyone suffers pain and hardship until they become perfect. Therefore, make yourself perfect. Be perfect and be united with God and the Holy Spirit. Then your pain will disappear, and you will be comfortable. To be united with God, be clean. You must truly love Him to be united with Him. The one who is united with Him is perfect.

The Meaninglessness of Human Life

God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son are eternal. If human beings fail to believe in Them, love Them, and receive salvation while they live in the world, they end with the body. Such an existence is truly meaningless. For people to exist forever and live happily, they must take action perfectly and live united with the eternal God. No matter what difficulties come your way, you must absolutely believe in the eternal God and live loving Him.

To Unite with God, Make Yourself Perfect

You must be perfect in order to unite with God and the Holy Spirit, who are the perfect fundamental beings of love. Those who are united with God and the Holy Spirit are perfect. They overcome all kinds of difficulties even if difficulties come at them like wind and rain. They overcome the world and rule over Satan. Those who are united with God discern good and evil, control it, and live within the Holy Spirit. They don’t suffer pain and are at peace.

Overcoming the Difficulty of Making Yourself Perfect

A builder goes through suffering and hardship while building a house until he completes it and lives there. Until young children grow enough to be able to walk, they go through the suffering and hardship of crawling. Once they have grown enough to walk around, the suffering of crawling ends. In this way, until you become perfect, you go through the pain that comes from not being perfect.

Just because you listen to God’s Word doesn’t mean you become one with Him. By keeping His Word and taking action, you fulfill the Purpose of Creation. By truly loving God, you become one with Him. You have to wholeheartedly do the work of making yourself perfect, which is what God wants. Though it is difficult at times, if you become united with God, nothing is impossible because you are taking action with God. When you do, God and the Holy Spirit will take action with hope.

Importance of Repentance

Since God and the Holy Spirit are holy and clean, you need to repent of all your sins and get rid of what is dirty in your body and spirit. Then, you’ll be able to unite with God and the Holy Spirit who are clean. If you are perfectly united with God, then your life will have nothing to do with sin.

Sin comes embedded in everyday life. Just as there is not a single day in our daily lives when we do not produce trash, likewise, there is not a single day when humans do not commit sin. Since sin is embedded in our daily lives, it’s very difficult to live apart from sinning. We commit sins even though we don’t want to. However, if we repent sincerely in the name of the Lord, we will be forgiven.

Righteousness is doing what God and Jesus told us to do in the Bible. Sin is doing what They said not to do. You need to learn about sin and completely refrain from acting on the things that pertain to sin. You must also repent every day. If you take action without getting rid of sin within your daily life, then that sin will be accounted for; you will suffer the pain of sin and face hardships. You have to repent and take out your sin just as you would remove fish bones that are caught in your throat.

The Greatest Sin

In the Bible, the greatest sin is not believing in the eternal God. Further, if you love people or Creation more than God, the Creator Himself, then this is the sin of idol worship. You have to love God and the Holy Spirit as the first priority, and then love people and Creation. You have to be united in love with God. Then the life of God will be fulfilled through you. Through this, God’s Will will be fulfilled on the earth; it will become heaven on earth.

Realize the Value

Those who love the eternal God and the Holy Spirit and live united with Them need to understand how important and precious the life they are living is, and they must keep their faith. Like a sperm and an egg ending as nothing unless they combine together, human beings’ bodies and spirits who don’t perfectly combine with God and the Holy Spirit will also be futile.

To fulfill a life of living joyfully for eternity, everyone suffers and goes through hardship along the way. However, despite difficulties and hardships, you must believe in God until the end and live loving Him. Then in Heaven, where there is no eternal suffering and pain, you will live with the Trinity forever in love.