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Live Using What God Has Given You for His Purpose

Galatians 5:13
You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love.

Jehovah God helped you and gave you grace so that you can use it to fulfill His purpose. He created you, helped you whenever you needed it, bestowed grace on you with the Holy Spirit, and blessed you so you could use all that to live loving God and fulfill the purpose for which He created you, the heavens, the earth, and nature—the purpose of love. He did not help you or give you grace so that you could live only for yourself.

Why Does God Help Us?

The purpose for which God and the Holy Spirit truly help us, give us grace, and bless us every day and whenever we need is so that we can use all those things to fulfill God’s Purpose of Creation during our lives. God created the heavens, the earth, nature, and human beings so that we can listen to the Word of the one God sends; believe in God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son, and love Them absolutely according to Their Will; live as the Trinity’s counterparts of love throughout our physical lives on earth; and live forever as the Trinity’s counterparts of love in our soul and spirit.

People Use God’s Help for Themselves

There are many people who use God’s true help and blessings only for themselves to live their own lives. They use the opportunities, skills, talents, time, and material wealth God gives them to fulfill their own purposes. However, they should be used to fulfill the Will and purpose of the Trinity.

Let’s say that you pour all your resources into helping your beloved one with all your heart with the purpose of loving that person and living with them. If the other person receives your help but uses it only for themself, would you continue to help them with all your heart? Of course not. God and the Holy Spirit feel the same. Again, let’s say your beloved one ran out of money while traveling, so you prepared some money and sent it to them. You gave the money for the return trip so that they would be able to come back. But if they use that money to travel to another country with other people instead, they would not have money to come back.

There are many people like this before God. This fundamental problem must be completely uprooted from your life. If you use God’s help only to live your own life, you can neither fulfill the purpose of God nor your own purpose. Problems occur and your life seems empty and pointless. The blessings end in your physical life, so you won’t be able to inherit the eternal kingdom of goodness.

God and the Holy Spirit do not accompany such a person.

How Should We Use God’s Help?

The opportunity God gave to fulfill His purpose should not be taken as an opportunity to fulfill one’s own purpose. We were called through the gospel and we came out of death into the domain of life. God gave us freedom and helped us to come to life not to fulfill our bodies’ purposes but to fulfill God’s purpose—to become the Trinity’s counterparts of love and live with Them. Realize God’s purpose and rejoice every day. Pray and use His help to fulfill His purpose. You should also live preaching His Word. When you do these things, you can live your life joyfully and easily.

Apostle Paul’s faith was spiritual and solidly united with Jesus Christ. He was able to live like that because whether he ate, drank, or whatever he did, he only took action for the glory of God and to fulfill God’s Will. You should do the same.

The Blessing of Time

Use your time with God and the Holy Spirit. If you use it with God and the Holy Spirit, it becomes “God’s and the Holy Spirit’s time.” However, if you use the time given to you with people, it becomes “people’s time.” Therefore, don’t spend your time just with people and the world, but use it to meet with God and the Holy Spirit. God and the Holy Spirit turned the circumstances and gave you time so that you could use it to live your life of faith well.

How you use your time and whom you spend it with determines the destiny of your life. If you use time to exercise, it becomes “exercise time”; if you use it to pray, it becomes “prayer time”; and if you use it to watch media, it becomes “time you spend on media.” As you live your daily life, you need to use your time as time to meet with God and to put the Word into practice. Then you will use it as the most valuable and eternal time.

Blessings for Using God’s Help for His Purpose

Live every day without forgetting the essence of today’s message. Then God and the Holy Spirit will truly help you and be with you. If you live wholeheartedly for the purpose of God and the Holy Spirit, They will fulfill all of your purposes within Theirs. God will continuously give you even better opportunities, so you will succeed and prosper even more.