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Everyone, bury your old deeds and be clean

Everyone, bury your dead and old deeds.

You petitioned and prayed, so God let death, demons, and things that belong to wickedness die. So that they won’t come back to life again, bury them completely just as you would cremate a body and hold a funeral.

With a clean heart and deeds, serve God and the Holy Spirit, seek your first love anew, and live joyfully in God’s history.

Romans 6:4
We were therefore buried with him through baptism into death in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we too may live a new life.

1. Almighty God listened to our earnest prayers and made demons and those belonging to wickedness all die and be buried.

2. Bury your dead deeds and dead heart. Just as you would cremate a dead body and get rid of it, bury them completely.

3. Work hard to bury your dead and old deeds, and be clean. By doing so, serve God and love Him.

4. God incinerated our old and dead deeds and buried them completely so that they would not come back to life again.

5. All physical thoughts are dead thoughts. Bury them all. Think spiritually and take action.

6. A self-centered life is like a corpse. Therefore, you need to get rid of it as if cremating and burying a dead body.

7. Through prayer, make all the things that cause you problems, torment, and suffering die and be buried.

8. Laziness, idleness, and complacent thoughts are all dead and old. Get rid of them as if burying them in the ground.

9. Bury your physical lifestyle, and from now on, live a spiritual life as a spiritual person.

10) By doing what you need to do, cut off the old things and bury them.

11. Bury your old habits, ignorance, foolish thoughts, and old lifestyle.

12. To bury it means to get rid of it.

13. You need to get rid of old things that are of a physical nature in order for your spirit to live.

14. Get rid of unrighteousness. Then righteousness will live.

15. Get rid of old things and live a life of receiving new things.