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Look for Only the Good Things in the Trinity and in People

Matthew 7:7-8

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.

There are countless good qualities and positive aspects of the Trinity and the one They’ve sent. When you discover, acknowledge, and appreciate what those things are, your faith will become stronger, you will receive more power and strength, and you will be able to triumph over tribulations with that power and hope.

The more you study about, recognize, and appreciate those positive things, the more the Trinity will bless and help you and the more you will be united and love passionately with Them. You have to pray earnestly, take action, seek, and knock on the Trinity’s door. Only then will you find Their good things and know about them.

The More You Find, the More You will Rejoice, Believe, and Love

Think about what the Trinity have done for you and take action knowing that grace. The more you find, the more you will rejoice and give glory, the more you will believe, and the more you will love. And even if you experience hardships, you will trust and follow the Trinity more. And even if there are difficulties and suffering, you will call on Them and follow, and try harder to not fall away.

There are so many things that the Trinity have that please your heart. Look for them. Open your spiritual eyes and search. Also look for and realize the things God has done for you. If you do, you will love even more, rejoice even more, and believe.

Helping you, accompanying you during difficulties, teaching you, saving you from death, saving you so you don’t go to Hell but go to the Golden Heaven, fixing your bad heart and character, healing you from various diseases, and the various other ways Jesus has helped you are the things He has done for you until now. Look for them by conversing, praying, and talking. The more you find the things you like, the more you will love, believe, serve Jesus, look up to Him, and follow Him as a result. 

The Reason You Have Grown Cold and Weak in Your Faith

If you fail to resolve your questions about the Trinity or the one They’ve sent and take issue with Them, then ultimately, you will forsake your faith, give up, and turn away. The problem is not with the omnipotent God, Holy Spirit, or Jesus but with us who fail to resolve the problems. But if we pray deeply, resolving our questions with understanding, then the doubts will vanish, and we will believe again and follow.

Do not forget the things that were done for you in the past. If you forget, your faith and spirit will die. The reason you were diligent in your life of faith before but have grown weak in the Word, grown cold in your love with God Almighty, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus, and lost hope, thanksgiving, joy, and your desire to pray is because you have forgotten the things that God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus have done for you until now and because you have failed to find what great things They possess and have to offer.

This is why you must keep looking to discover even better things about God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus. It is you who must believe and search for them with love, joy, and spiritual prayers. You will find them as you take action to ask, seek, and knock. Only then will you rediscover your first love with Them, and your hearts will surge with joy and hope. Since you have received eternal value and blessings, you should believe that the Almighty helps and accompanies you, and live every day with joy, hope, and thanksgiving.