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Realize What God Has Done

Psalm 107:43
Let the one who is wise heed these things and ponder the loving deeds of the Lord.

Psalm 119:34
Give me understanding, so that I may keep your law and obey it with all my heart.

You can realize what you yourself have done only when you try to realize. God took action secretly through you because He had a Will. However, you do not know His Will even after you yourself did it. Therefore, don’t just wonder why you took action in that way. Ask and petition to God so that you may realize. Then, God will help you realize why you did it.

You Must Try to Realize

God loves you, and you also love God. So isn’t it natural that God takes action with you? For the things God did with you because it was His Will, you have to try to realize why it was done like that. Then God and the Holy Spirit will help you to realize. If we realize what God and the Holy Spirit have done and acknowledge it, God and the Holy Spirit are happy and They converse with us. They are happier if we realize Their deeds in each moment and situation.

However, if you don’t try to realize what God did through you, you won’t know. Even if what you did was connected to God’s Will, if you think of it as something ordinary and let it pass as a coincidence, you will not know that God took action with you. You and God love each other and live together, so why would you not try to realize God’s deeds and instead just let things pass?

The Introduction & the Reality

If you realize why what was done first was done in that way, you will also realize what was done later in connection to it. Also, if you realize that God is with you in the current work, you will realize that He will be with you in the later work too.

What is done first is the introduction, and what is done after is the reality. God made you take action to do the first task so that He could make you realize the later task. Therefore, you need to realize about what comes first. Then you will realize that what comes after is the same, saying, “It is like this.”

An Example: Taking a New Path

A person with a particular problem went for a walk on a different route than the path he would normally take. On the new path, he met someone and had a conversation. While talking to this person, the problem he was struggling with was solved. God was with the first person, so He let him meet the new person. Here, going on a different path than the one he would normally take was the introduction; meeting a person on that path was the reality.

You have to think, “Why am I going on this path?” and try to realize. Then you will realize, “God made me walk this path!” In connection, you will realize that God is the one who helped you to meet this person. Likewise, when you think about what you did today and why you did it that way, you will realize that God was with you through the next thing that connects to it too.

Application to the Bible

We must always realize what comes first. Then we can also realize what comes after. For example, John the Baptist was the one preparing the way, and Jesus was the actual Messiah. Therefore, we need to realize what John the Baptist said. Then we can realize what Jesus who comes after him said.

The Old Testament is the preparation history for the New Testament. Therefore, we need to realize about the Old Testament. Then we can realize about the New Testament that comes after it. If you try to realize why God did things in a certain way in the Old Testament, God will help you realize that, in the same way, it was so that He could fulfill the New Testament.

Likewise, the New Testament is the preparation history for the 1000-year history that comes after it. You need to realize about the New Testament. Then you can realize about the 1000-year history foretold in the Bible.

Keep Your Heart & Thoughts Open

Your heart and thoughts are like a “brain smartphone” that connect to God. Just as people use smartphones to call each other and talk, you can communicate with God and the Holy Spirit through your brain smartphone. You must always keep your brain smartphone on in your daily life and be awake, not just during prayer time. Then you can receive realizations from God. Just as you cannot receive any calls if you don’t keep your smartphone on, if you don’t keep your brain smartphone on and if you are not awake, you cannot receive realizations from God.

Realize God’s Will

God doesn’t appear just at special times. Because He loves you, He is always with you. So why don’t you try to realize? If you realize God’s Will, you will truly and diligently work until the end. God liked you and loved you so much, He chose you out of joy, and the Holy Spirit inspired you to come to God’s history. You are truly valuable. Even if you don’t do anything special, it’s okay. Live loving God until the end.