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Know the Deepest Heart & Thoughts of God

Philippians 1:9

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, 

When you pray or live your daily life, or when you want something from God, don’t just tell Him what you want or your wishes, but first truly acknowledge His deepest heart. Realize it, acknowledge it, shed passionate tears like a river, and then make your petition. Then the heart of God Almighty will be comforted, and He will do what you want.

People are the same: if you don’t fix their upset hearts, they won’t do what you want even if you petition them. This is also the case with God and the Holy Spirit: if you ask for things without acknowledging Their deepest heart and thoughts, They will be heartbroken and frustrated, and They won’t fulfill your request even though you ask. If you acknowledge His deepest heart and thoughts, you will connect with God right away. Only then will He speak to you with joy and tell you what is in His heart.

The Most Important Thing

No one knows your deepest heart and thoughts. Sometimes you cannot even put them into words yourself. If someone asks you for something without understanding your deepest heart and thoughts, you feel frustration or even grief. So when we pray and ask God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord for things without understanding their deepest heart and thoughts, They will neither respond with joy nor be willing to satisfy our desires.

As it is with people, we should understand the deepest heart and thoughts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Messiah. Then, when we acknowledge them, They will feel relieved. Refreshed, they will respond to our prayers and want to fulfill our hopes. Indeed, the most important thing when you deal with God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord is acknowledging Their deepest heart and thoughts and relieving them.

Knowing God’s Heart

To know God’s heart, you need to pray. Why does God act in a certain way? Why is He giving that Word? Why is He not speaking? Why is His heart frustrated? When you know God’s deepest heart and comfort Him, passionate tears will flow from you like a river, and you will repent deeply. God’s heart that was broken will be comforted; He will answer right away that you have understood correctly; He will tell you something deep; and He will hear and resolve your difficult problems. As God has done for King David, King Hezekiah, Queen Esther, and even Jesus himself, so will He do for us.

Passionate Tears

People who don’t cry before God and the Holy Spirit when they pray or in their daily lives are people who treat God and the Holy Spirit without knowing Their deepest heart and thoughts. If you treat Them knowingly, sometimes you will know their deep joy, and you will shed tears of joy as your heart is deeply moved. Sometimes you will know Their deep sadness, and you will shed tears of sorrow. Sometimes you will shed endless tears according to whatever heart you have realized at the time.

With your tears, and with words of understanding, relieve and comfort the broken hearts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Son. If you pray with passionate tears, knowing God’s deepest heart and thoughts, He will listen to your prayers and shed tears, knowing your heart in return.

The Time to Know God’s Deepest Heart & Thoughts

Now, more than any other time, we must know the deepest heart and thoughts of God, the Holy Spirit, and the Lord. Those who know and acknowledge Their hearts are at the highest level. Recognize all the help God has given you so that you are able to believe in and trust in Him today. If you always know and acknowledge Their hearts, you will be solid in faith no matter what happens to you.

When there is a problem, the true issue is none other than knowing God’s deepest heart and thoughts, comforting them with passionate tears. As long as you do this, every problem will disappear, whatever it may be. A prayer that acknowledges God’s deepest heart and thoughts is worth more than ten regular prayers because it’s the kind of prayer that God most wants to hear. Having heard it, He will solve all kinds of problems for you.