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Creative Corner

Tuned Into Him

Delve into the world of original music, written and produced by our very own Vancouver Life Church and Toronto Lord’s Love Church members.

Together, we glorify God through musical praise and shine our creative light.

Original Tracks

All rights reserved.

Song Lyrics

I used to have time
But I lose more
each day
comes just one time
whether used or wasted
it will flow away
Time always passes
Mine will end
Once my time passes
It won’t come again
this is my time
and I’ve wasted so much
it is this time
I must grab this time
before it goes away
Our life, it passes
Draws to an end
Once our time passes
It won’t come again
I want to seize this time
I want to own this time
I want to gain it anew
Life is a finite thing
Life marches to its ending
I’ll spend my lifetime for you
I want to take this time
I want to use this time
I want to make something new
Life is a fragile thing
Life can’t escape it’s ending
I’ll spend my time here with you
this is our time
and we’ll make something new

When things don't turn out
and your spirit is low
there is something missing
You're lost in the dark
all your heart really wants
is peace and happiness
Then, you look towards the heavens
searching for the Lord
you want to reach out
you don't know how
There's no connection
yet you wanna try
Where do you start?
Start it with a prayer
--Rap 1--
If I ask you to met me
Will you meet me?
If I ask you to focus on me
and only me at this time,
I know you'll answer me yes,
Or maybe yeah thats's fine
So we agree on a place,
and we agree on a time,
To meet each other and converse
About the things of life
About the things we like
We share this moment in time
We share this moment in life
A special moment that means a lot to me.
But how can it be
That sometimes you don't wanna
Meet me during the day or the night
So I watch as you pass by
And you forget the time
But don't lose your mind
Just think of me and our memories

The Trinity is all we need,
They're waiting for our prayer
Converse with them and share
With our whole heart, be sincere
There's no need to be alone
Make the Lord our own
Do it to the end
Through our daily life of prayer
Prayer is powerful
So when we call the Lord
He will take care of you and me
Don't face suffering
So don't forget
So don't regret
Quickly repent and pray
--Rap 2--
Do it right
Go to the end
Stop, Spiritual Poverty
Only with the Trinity
We will rapture and love for eternity
This time is for you
This time is for me
With the Trinity (ohh)
This time is for me
This time is for you
With the Trinity
Through our daily life of Prayer

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