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2017.07.23 Sunday Message

Bad habits and ways are chronic diseases. So fix them.

Ecclesiastes 12:14 For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil.

Habits come from thoughts.

Since those thoughts get stored in your brain, when the time comes, you will ultimately remember them and take action according to those thoughts.

Once you take action like that a few times, it becomes a habit.

If you fail to fix the habit at the beginning after you’ve done it only a few times, it will become more and more difficult to fix it later. Afterwards, the habit becomes solidified in your brain.

It will become your constitution, and your body will automatically take action in that way. Therefore, you have to keep bad habits from entering your thoughts at all. And once something has become a habit, you have to fix it right away.

Bad habits are like a fly in the ointment. Therefore, it will be a blemish in an otherwise good life and will eventually hurt you.

The same is true with your heart, thoughts, and actions. If you develop a bad habit, your heart, thoughts, and actions become fixed in that way and you will feel comfortable only if you think and act that way.

Then problems will occur as a result of the bad habits, and you will be harmed as a result.

It is you who develop bad habits and it is you who make it difficult for yourself. Therefore, fixing the bad habits must also be done by you. It will be so comfortable for you when you fix your bad habits.

I pray that you will correct your bad habits and live pure golden lives.

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