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2017.01.29 Sunday Message

Everything gets solved through taking action

James 2:17
17 In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead. 


This year, I told you to take action swiftly like catching light.
If you want to take action like you are catching light,
you have to make ‘the path’ well during regular times.

In order to do that, first, before taking action, you must pray.
Then you will realize with wisdom, you will discern and judge spiritually,
and you will be able to take action boldly.

Second, in order to take action, you have to think about the things you are going to take action on.
If you forget them from your thoughts,
you will not be able to do them even if they are things you would be able to do
and have enough time for.
However, there are limits to your thoughts.
Therefore, you have to write things down and look at them frequently so that you do not forget.
And you surely have to rapidly take action on one thing at a time while checking.

Third, once you are done taking action, if you are idle and let the time drift by
because you have finished, you will not feel the satisfaction of getting it done quickly
and you will end up short on time for the next task.

Fourth, when taking action, you should call the Holy Spirit and the Lord
and do it together with Them.
If you do it by yourself, it will be difficult,
you will not be able to do it properly,
and you will even do the things you should not do in self-centered ways.
On top of that, if you do things by yourself, ideal thoughts will not come and you will also be weak.
Therefore, you have to make sure to call the Holy Trinity and do it together with Them.

Today’s message is ‘Everything gets solved only through taking action!’
While continually taking action, you must surely challenge yourself to take action.
You have to keep taking action always in your daily life
so that the things you should do will not get backed up.

2017 is the year of taking action!
I bless all of you who are taking action to be filled abundantly with the Trinity’s power to take action,
and thus with the work you should do in your daily life and the time,
run and dash as if you were fighting for every second, catch light,
and run the race—obtain the victory and gain!

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