On Reaching Higher

It’s always inspiring to see people performing, working, and living life at their fullest potential. Whether you’re trying correct your personality flaws, bad habits, or trying to develop a unique skillset, there’s nothing stopping you from becoming the best version of yourself.

Develop yourself.

Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Matthew 5:48)

Inspirational Quotes

-Even if something exists, if you do not use it, it is as if it were nonexistent.

-Any object that is not made perfectly cannot be used properly and valuably. The same is true with human beings.

-Develop yourself. When you are made, you are worth the price of pure gold. You are used in big ways. You are used in valuable ways.

-Only the person who takes action gains.

-A road people take for the first time is far, but a road taken before becomes close.

-If you give up, you cannot accomplish even the smallest task.

-It is to do it consistently, then there will be change.

-Only the one who endures until the end bears fruit.

-Just as making artwork is fun, you have to keep taking action throughout your daily life; then life will be fun.

-Even if a person’s physical body is healthy and beautiful, if his mentality is rotten, he is of no value.

-If you want to fix your deep rooted bad habits and contradictions, fix them completely without leaving even a trace behind. From the little bit that remains, problems grow big again.

-The beginning and the end are different. In the beginning is a seed and the end is a fruit.

-If you take action 365 days a year with a purpose, you will find the appropriate treasure that belongs to you.

-Just as artwork becomes more beautiful as you fix and work on it, the same is with the spirit.

-You need to have a goal. Then you will move and work in that direction, and you will take action with great hope.

-History belongs to those who prepare.