Leading people to God’s love and Original Will through correct understanding of His Word and the One He Sent. Acting with that knowledge to transform ourselves, families, nations, and the world.



  • The Holy Trinity—the one and only God, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit—are the Absolute Divine Beings.
  • Only the Trinity are the Absolute Deities and only They can grant salvation.
  • By believing in and loving the Holy Trinity through the One God has sent, we receive salvation.


  • The Word of God is the absolute authority and truth by which God governs all Creation.
  • Through putting the Word to practice, our lives become transformed as God works upon us.
  • Heaven is fulfilled in individuals, families, and nations when we love God in actions and in truth with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength, and when we love our neighbour as ourselves.


  • We believe that the Holy Trinity came in the flesh through Jesus at the First Coming and that He will return in the flesh at the Second Coming, as prophesied in the Bible.
  • The Messiah works as God’s body, delivering His Word and bringing salvation to those who believe and live by the gospel.
  • Those who recognize the One sent and live a transformed and united life with the Saviour will gain eternal salvation, rapture, and fulfill God’s Purpose of Creation.