The Year of Hope and Thanksgiving

Glory After Tribulation

There is a time when people receive glory in the spirit and a time when they receive glory in the body.

Because Christ received all the tribulation on our behalf and has borne the cross to completion, the believers of this time can finally enter into glory together with the Holy Trinity!

Make the Lord Your Head

A spiritual history is one in which the Lord becomes the head and we become his body.

Christ is always the head. So we, as the body, must take action as he has. If we do, the times will become spiritual and a history of glory will take place.

Cut Off Unrighteousness

In terms of faith, you must ruthlessly cut off whatever is wrong! You must cut off all unrighteousness to see God properly.

It is to cut off your own thoughts and connect to the Lord’s thoughts.

Resurrect Your Life

Clear up all the old things, your sins, and self-centered thoughts.

Live a new resurrected life as the Trinity’s counterpart of love in both body and spirit, without holding back.

Gather the Crowds

In order for the Lord to truly receive the time of glory in a glorious way, the followers must make a greater history of lives.

We must gather the cloud of crowds and connect them to the Lord of Glory!