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Listen to the Word of the Holy Spirit and the Lord and realize

Listen to the Word of the Holy Spirit and the Lord, and realize what it means and take action.

You need to realize and then take action. Then the Holy Spirit and the Lord will help you and take action with you, so you will gain and fulfill what you wish for.

Those who listen to the Word of God and the Holy Spirit and realize, take action right away without being able to hold back.

Those who don’t realize the meaning of the Word are blind. This is because those who realize open their eyes and are able to see.

1. Knowing, believing, and realizing properly is important. If you don’t realize properly, it is as if you were blind.

2. When you listen to the Word, your thoughts, actions, and spirit will all change.

3. If God helped you when you haven’t even realized, would you even know that God has helped you? As much as you have realized and take action, God will help you.

4. Giving the Word is God’s responsibility; listening and realizing about God’s Word is your responsibility. If you can’t realize about the Word, you should pray.

5. First look for what you want from among the things that God has already given you.

6. Even if you already possess something, you might think you don’t have it if you haven’t realized.

7. You need to realize. Then you will deeply know that you’ve received it.

8. Even if people have already received something in their own domain, they may not know because they haven’t realized, because they haven’t discovered it yet, or because they don’t know it’s what they want. If they look carefully again, they’ll realize that it’s what they were looking for.

9. Even though it’s in your own domain, you don’t see it as a valuable artwork because you don’t see and realize it properly.

10. Look and see things carefully. Even though you have already seen it, you didn’t see it properly because you were thinking about something else.